Lofty Valley Wines is located in the Adelaide Hills near Mt Lofty and Summertown in the Adelaide Hills, a classic premium cool climate wine growing region. Lofty has a very boutique and easily cared for 4 acres of Chardonnay and 2 acres of Pinot Noir.  Because of our size we can manage the vines to maximise the fruit quality. Here are the resultant wines. Production is limited.

  • Lofty Valley Chardonnay 'for Harold' 2011  90 cases made. (Chablis style)
  • Lofty Valley Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2010 (94 points), 2011(93 points), 2012 “ASCENT”(94 points), and “ASCENT” 2013. 240 cases made of each.
  • Lofty Valley Single Vineyard Pinot 2010 50 cases (91 points) 2011 50cases (91 points), 2012  "STEEPED " 160 cases (SA Adelaide Review Hot 100 entrant…AND was awarded “the number One Wine” Prize (selling fast…)
  • Lofty Valley “ALTITUDE” Vintage Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling 2011 (NR) 260 cases.
  • Lofty Valley “ATTITUDE” Vintage Sparkling Shiraz 2012 (NR) 70 cases.
  • Lofty valley Naked Rose’ 2014 2 barrels (made from estate grown Pinot)
  • Lofty Valley COLLINS CLASS 2012 Pinot and COLLINS CLASS II 2013 Pinot 50 cases of each
  • Lani’s View Chardonnay 2012 and 2013 ( best 2 barrels of “Ascent” Chardonnay)
  • Lofty Valley “ALOFT” Sauvignon Blanc from Lenswood, 50 cases
  • Ratings are by James Halliday.


    Our 2011 traditional Sparkling is due for first release  of 100 cases in late 2014. There will be two styles, one with no additions!. As the climate is perfect for sparkling grapes this has made a wine of exceptional quality, a very fine bead, and an amazing light salmon pink colour, being 40% Pinot. 

    Lofty Valley Pinot Vineyard in its early years.



    Valley News

    2012 proved to be a perfect season. After the rigours of 2011 where ripening was so difficult, the weather surpassed all expectations and provided the valley with glorious days without excessive heat, and just enough rain to keep the vines happy.

    Picking days were March 3 for Pinot Noir and March 15 and 17 for Chardonnay. The winemaking has been moved from Adelaide Hills Winery to Altamont Wine Studio near Lenswood. Because this is 'our' winery, we have total control over the winemaking process and Brendon Keys has joined with us to make the best wines possible every time.

    Spring of 2012 for the 2013 season was very dry. Flowering was complete by Nov 27 and vigourous growth of the vines is sure to slow now as the soil mosture levels are already low.

    The 2013 vintage went extremely well. The dry conditions prevailed, limiting the crop level to about 3 tons per acre. Picking days were between 3 and 16 of March. No rain to interfere with the logistic of picking our steep slopes is always appreciated!